How to determine or count Number of pages of PDF files

Hello everyone,

I am new to knime, we have been working on some workflows to get information from PDF files, already doing progress, however I haven't being able to Get/Count the total number of pages of PDF files.. any ideas? sometimes we need to get information from specific pages so will be good to determine the total number first and then "go to" that page. Already tried using "PDF parser" and "Tika Parser" but I didnt see any metadata related to number of pages..

Any help would be appreciated.


There is no straightforward way to do this in KNIME. You can try to adapt the solution described here and execute it in a Java Snippet node:

Hope that helps!




Sorry for my late answer. there is an easy to count the page number. 

In your Report go MasterPage Label then you will Find AutoText Label inside autoTExt Label you can find a different icon for counting the pages drag and drop one of these icons in your report.


Hi Mokrani,

Thanks for replying, your suggestion is good, however I need to know the total number of pages at the beginning of the workflow as part of general data manipulation/analysis phase.. for the Report option I have to execute all the workflow as this is the final output, right?

I still doing research on this, as the other suggestion to adapt the java snippet code is a little bit complex for someone relative new to Knime.. any additional suggestions are more than welcome.