How to develop decision tree model for predicting a solution?

I am a beginner of KNIME. I am going to conduct a model of COBIT5 for risk as check list on process control and process capability model. An approach is develop a framework process model according to COBIT5 for risk process consists of 6 process as Training data. After that I will insert unseen data or test data for matching my process model. Do I have an advice from KNIME for a suitable solution that match my objecitve? Please do advice me.


Supat Pakasith

Hi Supat,

I read your post many times but I still struggle to understand what you want to achieve. It seems to me that you want to train a tree model (CART or similar) and use it to predict something, but I don't understand what.

Please try to explain it in other words.


Hi Goonersp and Marco,

I also try to set a risk assesment model on Knime. But I am very beginner. Could you please help me ?

I am researching about Risks onboard the “LNG, Methanol and Conventional Fuel Oil” powered vessels.

I can contact to ships to get any data. But I am not sure what should I do?

I can get the data of temperature, pressure and any accident occur with the time.

Do you have any idea ?