How to developing based on existing features?

I am trying to create a node to manipulate excel files. It works fine in my developing testing. But when I deploy this node to our production environment it failed to run. Because there are some other excel nodes conflict with my node when we try to importing apache POI library. These nodes are not existed in my developing environment.

I think I should develop my nodes based on these existing excel nodes and share the same POI jars with them.

So here is my questions.

1. How can i know which feature these excel nodes belong to.

2. How to install this feature into my developing environment.

3. How to add these POI jars into my developing runtime but do not packed them into my jar when I exporting my nodes to deploy.

Thank you very much.



It is quite annoying, but the solution is easy if the POI version available in KNIME is suitable for you.

To answer your questions:

  1. ask. :) Feature: org.knime.features.ext.poi (KNIME XLS Support on the update site; aka KNIME POI Plug-in), which contains: org.knime.ext.poi and org.apache.poi (3.6.0 in KNIME 2.7.0)
  2. Install the KNIME XLS support to your target platform and in eclipse reload the target platform
  3. Add org.apache.poi to the dependencies.

Hope this helps, gabor

It's great. All problems are solved and it works on my productions now.

Thank you very much.

I think this forum should add a vote function so I can give your answer a credit and mark this topic as "Resolved".



BTW, is there any way to find a node belone to which feature except asking or guessing? Maybe we should add an "About" page for each node.

No, not that I know of. In this post I was suggesting having a central service for similar purposes. But maybe it is already available somewhere.

You can see the plug-in (not feature) in which a nodes is, when you look at the bottom of node description. It gives you the plug-in's name and not the id, though.

True, but I am not sure it really would help in this case, as the original problem was caused by a not installed (on the developer's machine) plugin on the production environment you would have to check all nodes to check for the plugin name I guess.

The way I found the plugin/feature was knowing that the KNIME XLS plugin has poi in its name. Checking the About/Installation Details gave the result. If there is a better way, I would not mind it.