How to do a bulk insert into a Oracle


I was wondering if I can do a bulk insert into Oracle.

As you know, DB Loader node can do a bulk insert but it support only Hive, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2.

If there is a good method, I’d appreciate it if you could tell me.


Hello @hhkim ,
KNIME Analytics Platform does not support bulk insertion into Oracle. As far as we know bulk insertion into Oracle is only possible using the Oracle SQL Loader tool which needs to run on the same machine as the database. Since KNIME Analytics Platform can run anywhere and we only have a JDBC connection to the database we cannot use this method.
So if you want to load lots of data into Oracle you will need to write the data into a CSV file to a file system that is accessible from the machine Oracle is installed on (CSV Writer and SSH Connector) and then execute the command on the Oracle machine (External SSH Tool) as described here: SQL*Loader - Step by Step Guide How to Load a Datafile Into a Table


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