How to do Data analysis with knime

Hi everyone,

I need your help because I am going to use Knime in a data analysis and trying to make a predictive model.

Unfortunatelly, I never use this methods in Knime.
So I will be very happy, if you can help me to start with data analysis.

Than you a lot.

Hi @Grayfox,

The Analytics -> Mining category in the “Node Repository” panel contains the nodes you need to train a model.

After preparing your data, you can use the Partitioning node to split your data set into train and test sets and then each classification algorithm has a “Learner” node and a “Predictor” node. The Learner builds the model using the train set and Predictor predicts the class based on the trained model. The Scoring category under Mining contains the nodes to evaluate the model.

This is so easy in KNIME. If you need examples, you can search NodePit or KNIME Hub.



and get inspired by the start to end workflows on the EXAMPLES server.
gr. Hans


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