How to do NLP in non-English?

Hello everyone,

I am currently doing natural language processing for a non-English language.

I think that KNIME enrichment node supports only English, is that correct?
E.g., can I add custom dictionary or tokenizer?

I couldn’t find out the way in KNIME, so I tried in Python.
I could implement tagging, cleaning, stemming, lemmatizing in Python, but now, I couldn’t find out how to return/ what to return to KNIME.
E.g., how can I return to KNIME as the document type and what structure must it have?

Someone please advise me!
Thank you in advance!!

Hi @poc,

These are the language packages for textprocessing in KNIME:
Bildschirmfoto von 2022-03-28 14-34-17

Your language is not there, or did you not install the appropriate package?

Best Regards


Thanks for reply!

I see these are the language packages.
But unfortunately what I’m doing for is Japanese and Vietnam…

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