How to Do Prescriptive Analytics in KNIME

How do I implement prescriptive analytics in KNIME?
My churn prediction model tells me which employees are likely to leave. I now want KNIME to suggest to me the best course of action to stop them from leaving, such as which variables to adjust and by how much.
How can I do this in KNIME?

Hi @sdfungayi

There is no clear cut way how prescriptive analytics is to be done. You will have to make/design a model for it first.

Check e.g. this article on ZDNet: a guide for prescriptive analytics and the links in it.


Hello @sdfungayi,

how about notifying responsible managers for employees that are most likely to leave? Then managers talk with them, see what is the problem (if there is any) and take necessary actions. In addition you collect this data (talked with yes/no, action taken yes/no, what action is taken, did employee leave yes/no) and then with this data try to build proper model for handling employees likely to leave…


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