How to download and read files in Knime

Hi everybody,
i am struggling to get Knime to go to an http link and download a .csv file (and unzipp it but i found the node for that).
Basically i am looking for a file downloader node.
I found in the forum some toppics but the information seems to be outdated or i am doing it wrong.

So how to do this in Knime 4.3?

Does the transfer files node do what you’re looking for?


Hi Mark,
thanks! This is exactly what i was looking for. I was looking for an hour couldn’t find it. Maybe it would be easier to find if it would be shown with “download” too.

Have a good one!

Agreed and we’re thinking about ways how to improve this. As for now I’d recommend you to use the hub in case you’re looking for some functionality but don’t know the model’s name.


Good to know! next time i will try this too. Do you have an idea how to do this?:

Just on top of your head, more hackerish approach welcome, but i can’t program java.

have a good afternoon

There is a decompress files node
maybe that works for you

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