How to download CSV from Yahoo Finance

Hello all,

I have downloaded CSV files form the web with KNIME several times. But with Yahoo finance this is not working, even if it is a CSV file.

This is the URL:


Any idea how it works?

Thank  :)


The link is not a csv file, I get an "unauthorized" page, when I click on it.

Best, Iris 

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Hey Ralph,

According to this stackoverflow post Yahoo changed the API and you need a cookie.

I put together a little workflow that does this for you. You can extend it to use custom dates etc with String Manipulation nodes.



Hey Ferry,

thanks so much!

Its works perfectly form me  :)


Hi Ferry,
If I would import everyday’s data of a specific portfolio (created in Yahoo Finance) to automatically calculate the daily fixing price of it (as the investment funds do)… is your workflow useful connected to a downstream workflow to do rest of the job?
Thank you.

Maybe, do you want to use Google Finance Historical Data ?
Then you can use this workflow :
google_api.knwf (90.5 KB)

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