how to download eclipse?

The link provided in the Eclipse quickstart quide is not work

Let me know how can i download the eclipse

Hey @simnav,

if you want to develop new functionality for KNIME, please have a look here.

Every step is described there.



Can i develop a new custom node without knowledge of java?

Java knowledge is highly recommended. However if you are familiar with other programming languages and the node that you want to develop isn’t too complex, you could still give it a try.

The page I linked above also contains guides for node development.

If you are familiar with R or Python, you could also use the R/Python Scripting nodes in KNIME
(… if a new node would be too much for the task you want to complete).



You could also try writing the code in the Java Snippet node first - that way you will have the Java for your algorithm sorted at least. I would suggest then that you take a look at the tutorials, and come back to the forum if you have specific questions along the way.

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