How to draw a histogram

This is my data:

1  0.0625        0
2  0.135135135    0
3  0.428571429    0.047619048
4  0.469879518    0.012048193
5  0.55            0.025
6  0.420289855    0.028985507
7  0.578947368    0.052631579
8  0.72            0.12
9  0.64516129    0.032258065
10 0.5            0.125
11 0.694915254    0.237288136

Three columns. The first is the Label (String) and the others are float. I want a histogram with two series just like what i got in excel. But all histogram nodes or bar nodes in data views requires a binning column and act strange to me.

What shall i do? Is there a simple way to create a simple histogram?



the binning column is the column that defines the bin of the histogram it can be a numerical column or a nominal column. If it is a nominal column the histogram contains a bin for each unique nominal value in alphabetical order whereas for numerical bins the number of bins depends on the user chosen number of bins.

So in your case you would select the first column as binning column and all other columns as aggregation columns. By default the histogram shows the number of rows per bin which is in your case uninteresting because all bins contain only one row. In order to view the actual values per bin open the Column/Aggregation settings tab in the histogram node and change the aggregation method from row count to either sum or average.



Thank you, Tobias. :). I tried and it works.

But the settings of aggregation must changed manully everytime. I want to use the "Sum" method but the default is "Row count". Is it possible to save this configuration so we can view the plot directly? And is there some "cool nodes" that make the plot looks more fancy?

Thank you very much.

you can install the jfreechart plugin (contains nodes with views using the jfreechart lib). there is anouther histogram.

What you can do in addition is applying colors with the color manager and then add a histogram. A third option would be to use the R-snippet node and build a histogram with R.

Thank you. I will try.smiley