How to edit a component?

Hello, Knimers.
I received a component that has more functionalities than I need (nor can deal with). This component does not work properly without all of the required data. Opening the component, I see I don’t have adequate data for making it operational → it renders me an error message for that nodes and therefore, to the whole workflow. I simply wish to eliminate some nodes from within the component. How could I do so?

Hi @rogerius1st , if the component is a shared component you well have to right click on it and disconnect it first to be able to edit it.

But assuming it is in an editable state, then simply opening it, and modifying it is all you have to do. Changes to it will be stored within the workflow when you save.

If you want to reshare it you can them right click the component and share to your own local folder or your own hub space. Of course if you share it to the original location (of you are able) then any changes you made will replace the old functionality permanently for that component, and anybody else who uses it.


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