How to execute a knime workflow using windows task scheduler

I am trying to execute a knime workflow using windows task scheduler but i was only able to open the knime workflow using the code below in a bat file.

@echo off

start “Knime” “C:\Users\rajkumarm\Desktop\Knime\New CPA Report - RREF\New CPA Report - RREF.knwf”

but it comes up with a warning message while loading the workflow. Is there any way to ignore or pass through these manual interventions and execute the workflow directly?

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @JonamDeju, I don’t have any personal experience of doing this but I did see there is an option for suppressing errors which might be what you need.


This is mentioned in the following FAQ…

@JonamDeju one other thought if all else fails is to install a utility such as AutoHotKey (free/opensource) from

It’s a tiny utility that you can have running in your system tray and you can write a script to look out for (and close!) windows with a specific title, or certain strings.

You create a script file such as this in a text file e.g. KnimeErrorDismiss.ahk:

TrayTip, Knime Message Window Closer, Looking for Knime dialog with title "Knime" and containing text "Java was started but returned", , 16
SetTitleMatchMode  3 ; window title equals
loop {
  WinWait, Knime, Java was started but returned 
  WinClose, Knime, Java was started but returned 

Then you run the .ahk file and it sits there waiting to close the specified window on your behalf. Be warned though that if some other important dialog that matches the criteria appeared, it would be closed before you could see it. However, it may be of assistance if you are desperate and there are no other solutions!

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