How to execute several branches at one time?

Hello everyone!
I have two questions:
I have an input table, which contains three groups of data (Column “Group” with values: 1, 2 or 3). The input data may change so that it will contain, for example:
- Only group 1
- Group 1, group 3
- Group 1, group 2, group 3
And I have three different ways of data manipulation according to the group. But then I need to concatenate all into one table
Is there any way to choose the branch for further manipulation according to the group? (e.g. if there is only group 1 is present => workflow #1 is executed / if there are group 1 and group 3 => workflow #1 is executed for group 1 & workflow #3 is executed for group 3 (at the same time?) etc.)

In the same input table there are column headers representing date since 2010 till present, e.g.:
“2022-01-01”, “2022-02-01”, “2022-03-01” etc.
As input data may change, each time I need to manually search if, for example, column “2022-04-01” is present in the table. If it is present - I need to continue and search for next months (“2022-05-01”, “2022-06-01”… till current month). And if column is not present - create such column and continue to search next months.
Is there any more “automated” way to do this job?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @sherlockm,

For the first question I would take a look at using the ‘Case Switch Start’ node, and using the Rule Engine Variable node to pass into the Case Switch Start node to define which path to take.

With regards to the second question you could simply use the ‘Table Difference Finder’ which will point out differences in your input table and the master table that has the correct dates. A more automated approach would be to use looping techniques to compare and create the appropriate columns as needed. There might be a specific node that helps achieve this, but would need to more details about the use case process.

Hope this helps!


Thank you! I will try it)

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