How to execute the BIRT report automatically

My workflow has BIRT report to generate report as the final stage. I can use command line to execute the workflow without using the KNIME analytics platform UI. I do I trigger the BIRT report and generate the report with command line only?

You can build a parent workflow that is called by command line, then have it run a child workflow that compiles the BIRT report and saves it to your chosen format and file location.

This solution is geared toward running multiple reports by loop, but it is also my go to approach to save / email single reports as well.


Thanks. That is a good solution.

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Right now BIRT is only accessed separately through the menu after a workflow is executed, so this workaround is the only solution that I am aware of at this point…

Hopefully someone can develop a “Report Output” node that allows us to create and further manage BIRT reporting files within a single workflow. Since BIRT can handle looped file outputs through a child workflow, it seems like all of the programming exists except for the return path from BIRT. We just need the workflow to “pass through” BIRT instead of end there. :crossed_fingers:

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