How to export a data to local by using Spark to CSV node


I was wondering if I can export a data to local by using Saprk to CSV node.
Here is a screenshot of my workflow.

I extracted a data from HDFS and converted to Spark data by using CSV to Spark.
And I added Local File System Connector and Spark to CSV nodes.
But the error was occured like this:

ERROR Spark to CSV 3:3 Execute failed: Mkdirs failed to create file:/C:/Users/khhfh/OneDrive/바탕 화면/test/_temporary/0/_temporary/attempt_20220908132858_0009_m_000000_25 (exists=false, cwd=file:/tmp/hadoop-hdfs/nm-local-dir/usercache/hdfs/appcache/application_1662597702074_0002/container_1662597702074_0002_01_000002) (IOException)

I want to export Spark data locally without converting it to another type.
I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if it’s possible.


Hi @hhkim,

your workflow loks good to me. The error suggests that KNIME was not able to create the required folder structure in the location you picked. Maybe you could try a different location and/or make sure KNIME in general has write access to the specified folder.
You could also check whether other (dummy) data can be written to the specified location from KNIME.

Kind regards


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