How to export to excel

Hi guys, doing a small school project that requires us to clean the data from a excel sheet. I have done most of the process and all that’s left is to export the proccessed data.

How do I export it as a Excel file?

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you can use the Excel Writer to write Excel tables.



I see, experimented with it a bit, and understand how it works. Thank you!


@JinYan645 If you have more questions about ecel and knime I have put together a small collection


Hi @JinYan645, i’ve been using “excel Sheet Appender” it works better than excel writer node, but in last knime version, 4.3.0, it is deprecated so the only option you got is use “excel writer” node.

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Hello jerodriguez,
I’m sorry to hear that you think the Excel Sheet Appender did work better than the new Excel Writer. It would be great if you can let us know what we can improve to make the new Excel Writer better.

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One additional Thing you can do is automating also the formatting of your Excel output (in case you need that).

The amazing Continental Nodes (incl the set of Excel formatter nodes) which are available as an extension to KNIME are your friend here.

Feel free to respond if that’s something you want to do. :wink: