How to expose workflow as a web service


I read about KREST, which is more about interacting with external services from the workbench.

But would i be able to convert a KNIME workflow into a web service (SOAP or REST), and access the service using an external client like SOAPUI?



Hi Ken, 

The KNIME Analytics Platform can't do this directly, as it is focused on the tasks of developing and executing workflows.  For deployment, one of our commercial products, the KNIME Server (, automatically publishes workflows as SOAP based webservices. 


Aaron Hart,


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Once my workflow is published, where can i view the WSDL?

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on the server, it is usually something like: 


Where will i be able to view the WSDL for each of my deployed workflows?

Hi Shevken, 

There is just one wsdl, and you can then augment that with a path to the workflow on the server.

I have an example workflow that I will send you offline.  I can't post it publicly as it accesses one of our servers, but if others are interested, they can send me a message. 




Hi, Aaron


Can you guide me to enable API calls for a workflows.



Hi Genus,

this thread is pretty out of date.

All of this changed and we now are offering REST calls to our server. In this blog post you will find an example how it can be used on our server: 

I will close this thread. Please start a new one if you have any follow up questions. You can also contact us via which is the support email for all server customers. 

Cheers, Iris