How to extend an existing node?

I’m trying to extend the Integration nodes.
Below I’m trying to extend the node model: “org.knime.buildworkflows.capture.start.CaptureWorkflowStartNodeModel” , but I can’t figure it out. I don’t understand how to export the package from the plug-in so that I don’t get this error:

I’ve tried exporting the source code to a .jar but then I import it as a project anyway so I’m a bit confused.

I also can’t figure out what exactly is Copyrighted in the source code, otherwise I would just copy and cite it.

The class is a ‘public final class’, but I’m not sure that’s important because if I remove the final keyword I get a similar error to the above anyway.

Any input on resolving this error or detail on what the copyright entails would be appreciated.

Hi @azsb1g19,

The CaptureWorkflowStartNodeModel class is final and can not be extended. In general, you can not extend the NodeModel classes of existing nodes. If you want to deploy a modified alternative, you need to provide your own implementation of the CaptureWorkflowStartNode / End interfaces.