How to extract data from postgresql to knime?

I want to move data of chembl_32 into knime to analyze, therefore i take the steps as below. Currently, I take my action on the step 4 and don’t know how to process. I am very grateful if someone can guide me directly or send me the tutorial.


  1. Could you please tell me if my action is right?
  2. Could you tell me how to make sure the data had been moved into KNIME and how to extract them?


  1. Download documents of chembl_32.dmp file from CheMBL.
  2. Install postgreSQL
  3. Enter data of chembl_32.dmp into postgresql
  4. Setting up the postgreSQL connector in knime to connect data chembl_32. The figure of configuration is shown below.

Forgive me, I am a beginner.
Thank you very much!

Welcome to the KNIME Forum! It depends on how exactly you imported the data into Postgres. It seems like you use the name of your dataset as the database name, but generally a dataset corresponds to one of many tables inside a database. I believe the default database in Postgres is named “postgres”. After successful connection to the right database, you have to append a DB Table Selector and then a DB Reader to read the data.
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This sounds like a Postgres SQL dump file. I could not immediately found it. You will have to import it into the database first most likely:

Then there seem to be SQLite versions of this database - I was not immediately able to find them though. SQLite might be easier to import into KNIME without additional installations necessary.

Dear Alexander,

Thanks a lot! It works now. I think my question is the configuration of the node postgreSQL connector and DB Table Selector.

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Dear mlauber71,

Thanks for you help and send me the tutorial of SQLite. It seems that SQLite is more friendly and I did meet so many problems when I install postgreSQL and send data into it.

It works now after I correct the configuration of node postgreSQL connector. I will try the SQLite again following the example you supplied. I just see that you create one day ago. Anyway, thanks for your kindly help.

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Glad you like it. The example is in fact much older but I took your question as an inspiration to give it an update and add the Python part.

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