How to extract data

Hi; Armin @armingrudd
I think you have found a solution in a similar situation before, but I have not been successful.

The data I want to extract ------ “347368”-----

" tr id=“A347368” onclick="$(’#app_list’).hide();ShowApp(347368,’’,0,‘35ecdbead9351f308100c96b654eb4a5’)">

	<p class="status">Tender announced<br>
	<p class="lbl color-1">Electronic Tender Without Reverse Auction(NAT)</p>
	<p>Announcment number: <strong>NAT200005001</strong></p>
	<p>Procurement announcment date: 28.02.2020</p>
	<p>Offer reception term: 10.03.2020</p>
	<p>Procuring entities: <strong>Supreme Council of Justice LEPL " Department of the General Courts of Georgia"</strong></p>
	<p>Procuring category: <span class="color-2"><strong></strong> 30100000-Office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers, printers and furniture</span></p>
	<p>Estimated value of procurement: <span class="color-1"><strong>27`200.00</strong> GEL</span></p>



Hi Umut,

you can get the id in the Selenium Nodes using the Extract Attribute node.

– Philipp


Thanks for the solution @qqilihq

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