How to extract Quality parameters from qcML to be used in a report ?

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I have a probably simple problem, but am not able to solve it.
How do I extract the values of a qcML qualityParameter in order to use it in a report ?

Example: I would like to extract the number of uniquely identified peptides given here:

qualityParameter name=“total number of uniquely identified peptides” ID=“A_10_1_totuniqpeps” cvRef=“QC” accession=“QC:0000031” value=“2803”

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Update: I eventually figured it out.

Since the name space for qcML is somehow missing, the XML Reader gives empty tables. To circumvent this problem, we did following:

port to variable -> XML Reader without filtering -> XPath with filtering rules like this:

column name = parameter name
XPath = /dns:qcML/dns:runQuality/dns:qualityParameter[@accession =“MS:1000577”]/@value

followed by a data to report.

missing cells ticked, multiple rows.

Works like a charm

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