How to extract relevant clauses from large contract contract

I am new to Knime community and the use of the platform so if I my questions have been asked (and answered previously) thru the forum I apologise. 

I would like to analyse large contracts (circa 1000 pages long) and extract key date bound obligations e.g.

"The Client shall notify the Supplier of the identity of the Client Representative within five (5) Working Days of the Effective Date"

"The Supplier shall develop, implement and submit to the Client at the Effective Date a human resources strategy and plan ("HR Strategy and Plan")"


"From  the Service Commencement Date, the Supplier shall provide monthly reports on usage to include at a minimum:

                            - number dialled

                            - PIN used

                            - calling number."

As you can see there are number of Keywords that will have to be build in to each search as a combination each time in order to get an output that captures all clauses with at least two or more of the terms "Effective Date", "Service Commencement Date", "Working Days", "monthly" etc.

I would then would like, if i can, the ability for the tool to calculate the due date by analysing each extracted clause. Hopefully, by identifying dates such as Effective Date meaning 1st June 2017 one of the analytics nodes can work out the due date.


Hi Samale,

this is not possible out of the box with dedicated nodes. Extracting dates is possible e.g. using the Palladian nodes but the due date needs to be computed with additional nodes. Phrase extraction is not possible but keyword extraction. Therefore you can use e.g. the Topic Extractor node.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Kilian

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