How to filter records thru Date and only get yesterday records?

I am new in using KNIME and i need to filter all records that have a yesterday Date.
Example today is 09/10/2019 and i need to get only records that have a date of 9/9/2019 and write it in the database. The date should be dynamic also not fix tomorrow is 9/11/2019 then i should only get the records that have a date of 9/10/2019. can someone please guide me on how to do this in KNIME? Thanks!

Hi @rdaveligon10

Use the DateTime difference node, where you compare the date in your database with the current date.
See this wf days_diff.knwf (15.2 KB)

gr. Hans


Nice this is what i am looking for. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
Problem is now solved


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