how to filter the specific time range of the continuous date time column

hi Gurus,
I plan to filter the data within 07:00 am to 07:00 pm of the continuous date time column.
I deploy “Date&Time-based Row filter” which can not filter specific range of every day.
How do I implement it?

Hi there!

Create an indicator which will tell you if your data is between your specific range (Rule engine node) and then filter upon it (Row Filter node). Or combine it all in Rule-based Row Filter node :wink:

Maybe you will need some data manipulation before rule nodes.


I have added one rule to filter some dirty data, but I can not apply date&time function to the column.

Date & Time-based Row Filter can not filter everyday date 19:00-07:00.
How do I process it?


What you need in Rule-based Row Filter node is rule like hour >= 7 and hour < 19 with option Include TRUE matches. Now, I guess, this hour you can extract from your time column from above picture. There is extract Date&Time fields node where you can get hour or you can convert time column to String using Date&Time to String node, use String Manipulation node to get hour and then use it for above rule. Your hour column should be INT type in order to compare it.

Hope this will help.


Hi ipazin,
Thanks. Excellent, I have done.

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Great :slight_smile: