How to find % of a range with respect to total column.

I am new to this SW.
Context: I have imported a long Excel sheet containing power consumed by the machine. When the machine is on stand by, it takes a lot less energy.
Problem: I have sorted the data by colour and ascending order, but next I would like to find out what is the % of time the machine is in standby. I want to do this by setting the range of power it takes when in standby ( 0 to 3KW). So that next time I use this node on any excel, it will tell me what % of the total excel, the machine was on standby by checking the range I set.

Hi @sunilkr ,

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I can say that you can use the group by node to bring some insights for you, as the max value, min value, sum… with that result, you can compare, filter or make joins with the result to determinate it.

If you can bring a dummy example here as file, we can see and make some suggestions too, could you?




Energy 1.knwf (9.1 KB)

Here is the file. Could you show me an example of a solution on this workflow?

Math formula node can give you the total value of a column e.g. COL_SUM(Column Name). Then you can divide the value by the newly created column in a second math formula node

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Hi @sunilkr, welcome! Unfortunately the excel data hasn’t been retained in your uploaded workflow because the excel sheet is located elsewhere on your pc, and the workflow has been reset.

Can you fully re-execute your workflow so all the nodes are green and then export it making sure that the “Reset Workflow” option is not ticked, then upload it again.



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Energy.knwf (517.0 KB)

Unfortunately, I need a bit more detailed explanation to the solution.

Hi guys,

That’s what he means and I put some extra calc that can be useful for you too.

Energy2.knwf (652.9 KB)



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Thanks. That helped. Definitely learned something new today.


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