How to find out the duplicates and highlight in different colors the values in same column?

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I new to Knime may be its very easy question someone help me out thanks in advance! i would like to compare the two columns and highlight the differences here

KDU137318/1 8523.51

KDU137318/1 8542.32

KDU137318/1 8542.32

KDU137318/1 8542.32

KDU137318/1 8542.32

First row is want to identify as wrong and color code the difference

Hello @Raj_22,

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You can not highlight a certain cell in KNIME that easily. Coloring node, Color Manager, colors only row. Now to your questions. To spot such differences I would suggest to go with Duplicate Row Filter node which can output unique, duplicate and chosen labels. Now you need to translate them for your use case. Duplicate and chosen would be correct (same value) and unique would be wrong. To do this mapping you can use Rule Engine node. Then above mentioned Color Manager node can color correct vs wrong rows.

As you might need this for different groups you should do a loop. Looping over group is done with Group Loop Start node.

Give it a try and if any questions/issues feel free to ask. Hope this helps!



Hi Ivan,

Appreciate your help let try this way and keep you posted!


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