How to find the minimum and maximum within column with corresponding rowID!



I would like to ask if it is possible to find the maximum and minimum in column (or even better within a row) but to keep the rowID (I do have specific rowID names, and it is very important to me to check to which one the minimum or maximum belongs)


Is it as well possible to highlite or colour the table cells maximum and minimum?

Thanks for help!


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Hi Malvina,

I would use the groupby to calculate the min and max (on the whole column, no grouping column selection)

Than join groupby with the original data table and use as join criteria the matching min/max column.

Alternative: Sort the table twice on this column, split the first value twice (which is once the min and once the max).

Best, Iris


Hi Malvina,

Another alternative:

  • connect your table to a Math Node with the following formula: COL_MAX($yourvariable$) == $yourvariable$
  • followed by another Math Node with the following formula: COL_MIN($yourvariable$) == $yourvariable$

Note the "==" instead of "=" .

That's it, the rows for which either result of the math node is equal to 1 are your candidates. The other rows will have a 0 value.

Many Thanks! Works great!