How to freeze panes with continental nodes


I would like to freeze the first row and first column of an Excel report with Knime, but I keep getting this error when I tag them with header and then try and freeze them

Freeze cell A1 means no visual freeze effect. Did you intend to freeze at the top-left corner of cell B2?

I am able to freeze them individually but not together and don’t know why, is this possible?

Thank you!

nevermind! I realized I just didn’t even know how to do it in excel, so once I figured that out I just tagged B2 and nothing else and froze that and it worked


Thanks for posting the solution you found. And welcome to the forum!

@Espinosa_a_11 you can also employ python and openpyxl to format Excel headers


Oh wow yeah openpyxl looks powerful!

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@Espinosa_a_11 there also is a component by @takbb that might make it easier to apply some formats. And indeed OpenPyxl is very powerful and if you ask ChatGPT to write some code it is also OK to handle even if you are not a full-time programmer.

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