How to generate a template


Is there any information how to generete a template in Knime?

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What kind of template are you talking about? Have a look at the KNIME Getting Started and the KNIME Reporting Getting Started guides.


Hello Bernd

Thanks for your answer.

What I mean is that if I set an aggregation in the report and then try to deliver this workflow with the report template the aggregation is always lost as well as styling informations. I think that I could use css for the style but how can I deliver the aggregation informations?



If you close/open your workflow+report on the same machine, the formatting and aggregation (not quite sure what that means, though) is intact?

What does it mean "to deliver this workflow with the report template" and what do you mean by aggregation (could mean some calculation in KNIME or BIRT or the report in general)?

Sorry, you need to clarify. Exporting a workflow should not modify anything in the report or workflow.