How To Generate BIRT Report in PDF Automatically

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I would like to start using BIRT for some reporting. I have a rudimentary understanding of it and have produced some decent reports, some with charts etc. All good. My question is this…

How can I set up workflow such that when I execute workflow, it automatically creates a PDF of the BIRT report associated with that workflow and deposits it in a pre-defined location? I would expect that such a process would be similar to excel writer or some other nodes. But unless I’m missing something, I don’t see any nodes with the functionality to save down BIRT reports. Instead, I need to run workflow, then open the report by clicking report button, then click “view report” button, then choose “view report in PDF”, then print to PDF. I would suspect there’s a more automated way, but as yet I’ve been unable to find it.

Any and all direction or assistance greatly appreciated!!!


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Hi @chrisgranelli

That is a feature of knime server. You can schedule the workflow and have the generated report saved in your file system or sent it via email.


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