How to get Align Node functionality


Due to some (unknown) problems on my system, I am having difficulties installing a good working KNIME client (it crashes regularly, it generates a nullpointerexception on creating a group in a BIRT report,...)

Therefore, I am trying to install KNIME as an extension to Eclipse MARS. 
It works fine, except the "Math Node" is not present... I tried to install  "Source for KNIME Math Expression (JEP)    3.2.0.v201606131354" but the node still does not appear...

in attachment the Eclipse installation details.

Do I need to install it otherwise?

Also, somehow, the feature "align nodes horizontally/vertically" and "auto-align nodes" are not showing up in the KNIME toolbar...???

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I was working on this problem for a whole day, and now I just opened an example worfklow with this node. It complained it could not find it and asked to install it... It added some update sites and magically found the right extension...
I cannot find it back in any of the update sites I have, so I still don't know how I could do this myself...

Does anybody know how to get the "align node" and "auto-align nodes" functionality in an Eclipse Mars environment???


So you are installing into a custom eclipse application and then switch to the KNIME perspective? I guess you would need to debug why it's not loading the toolbar correctly.

I suggest to double-check the bundle 'org.knime.workbench.ui.layout' is installed. And if so, you would need a debugger...