How to get 'Export to SVG' option under the File Menu in Mac


Can someone please guide me how to get the 'Export to SVG' option under the File menu in Mac. I can see that option in my windows laptop, but it doesnt appear in my macbook pro. Also, came across a statement that it is only available when the KNIME SVG Support is installed. Can someone please guide me how to get it done?



For Knime 2.11. : Goto File -> Install KNIME Extension..  and there select KNIME&Extension -> KNIME SVG Export

(if you do not see this item, the svg export is already installed)

Thanks Iris. It worked :)

In my system KNIME SVG Export option is not appearing. but i am not the one who installed it. How can i find that it is installed on my system or not.

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On the Install knime extensions page, there is a checkbox "Hide items that are already installed". If you uncheck it. You see all extensions, and the installed one have a lighter logo.

Maybe you downloaded a knime version with this plugin preinstalled.