How to get file created date for the files downloaded onm knime server

Hi Team,

Using ListFiles, I can get list of files on the server location, but not able to get Date creation and last modified properties. Is there any way how to get the creation/modified time on the server files?

Hi Mathi,

I made you an example how to do this using the KNIME REST nodes. We will also add this to our new Files/Folders Meta Info node for a future release. But currently this is not supported for workflows living on KNIME Server.

However using REST you can solve this already now.
You can find my example here on the hub:
(The trick is to ask for the header parameter Last-Modified )


Hi Iris,

I would be really interested in checking out your REST workflow. Could you make it available outside your private Hub? That would be great. I get an “access denied” error when I click the link.

Thank you very much!

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Confirmed getting Access denied too

Hi both! Thank you for checking in.
I just made it public and you should now be able to see it :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, Iris!

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