How to get KNIME version from KNIME installation directory

Hi Team,

How can I get the KNIME Analytics Platform version if I have the path to the KNIME installation directory? I need to get it in a python script without starting that KNIME. As of now I am parsing the knime_dir/artifacts.xml for the below section and get the version attribute of ‘org.knime.core’. Is that fine?

<artifact classifier='osgi.bundle' id='org.knime.core' version='4.1.1.v202002041125'>
    <properties size='1'>
        <property name='download.size' value='34953195'/>
    <repositoryProperties size='1'>
        <property name='artifact.folder' value='true'/>


Hi @ravikiran,

This should work well. It could also be easier for you to list the files in the features folder and then extract the version name from the org.knime.features.base folder name.


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