How to get knime work flow total execution time

How to get knime work flow Total execution time,  including metanode ?


You can connect a Timer Info node to the last node in your workflow. However, this will not show you the execution times for nodes wrapped into metanodes. Here you can implement additional Timer Info nodes into each metanode to log these execution times as well.

A more convenient method is to use two Java Edit Variable nodes, one at the beginning of your workflow, one at the end. Therein you can write the start and end time into variables.

Another option is to use the Vernalis Benchmarking nodes (Benchmark Start & Benchmark End).  These have some very nice features.  The Vernalis nodes are Community Nodes, so you may need to install them separately.

OK. Thanks very much

Hello, tparrott!
Can you show me how to use that nodes by screenshot?
I’m new in Knime community. :sweat_smile:

Hi @greatvarona -

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The best way to find examples of how to use particular nodes in to search for them on the KNIME Hub, like this:

Here’s an example workflow that shows some of the Vernalis Benchmarking nodes in action:

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing @ScottF

if you only need the time then have a look at the Timer Info node


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