how to get original data from box plot


i was wondering how i could get the original data from box plot after filtering some data with box plot(hilite them and then use hilite filter node) ....the out put data contains median,max ,min and etc but i need the original data to perform other steps.....

i really appreciate your help.....thx

When you say you need "the original data", I presume you are referring to the filtered results? In this case you should use a hilte row filter upstream from the boxplot used for filtering, and then re-compute the box plot on the filtered results using a separate box plot node.


thanks for the reply......

suppose i am working on iris dataset and want to ommit outlier....i have hilited the outlier data in box plot,then used the hilit filter to ignor hilited data.......after this step i want to get the oroginal data.....

by original data ,i mean the data that contain all non-filtered rows(i do not want the median,smallest,largest and .....i want the data itself)

I think I now know what you mean - you have placed the hilite row filter *behind* the box plot, or "downstream". What you want to try is to place it *before* (or "upstream") and in parallel to the box plot. This should do what you aim to achieve. Perhaps counterintuitively, the hilite propagates against the flow of the data as well, so you can filter the original data at any location in the flow, based on a hilite obtained anywhere else. Only some aggregations break the hilite propagation by default, unless you explicitly allow it (GroupBy, Pivot, etc.)


sry but i think we are not on the same page...........

i have explained my problem in attached  image  ........

i reaaly appreciiate your time

Totally the same page - connect your hilite row filter to the table reader and you should get what you're interested in. It's counterintutive, but it works. :-)



sry to bother again...........

but how can i connect hilit filter to table reader?

could u please give me an example?

Sorry, meant to say "file reader". Please find a very basic PowerPoint mockup below. :-)


Just Worth adding to Ergonomists excellent replies, you will need to apply your Hiliting in your box plot first, and then, and only then, run the HiLite Filter node. The Hilite filter node filters for your selections only at that moment in time it's run.

so if you make further changes to your Hilite selections, you will need to rerun the hilite filter node.



answering your question from the new thread

I attach you the workflow. However, this is exactly what Ergonomist and Richards were explaining. You need to first do the hiliting in the boxplot and than execute the hilite filter. They don't need to be in one row.

Take a look at this video, it explains how hiliting works

I deactivated your second thread, let's work here.


i want to do some thing like the attached workflow.........

could u please check that ?

The output of the boxplot, does only contain statistics, not the original data.

You need to connect the hilite filter to the file reader. Hiliting works through the workflow, if the rowids stay the same.

thankssssssssssssss a lot........

i did not know it works  through the workflow.............

it was realyy helpfull.....