How to get related data in Group By

I have a list of text IDs, which I need to sort and get the maximum (eg. LA123, LA12). In order to get LA123 as a maximum, I made a number of string manipulations and finally I have two columns, one that contains the true id (I need it for matching data from other tables), and the manipulated id to get the maximum:
True ID New ID Status
LA12 LA0012 Taken
LA123 LA0123 New

Now I am doing the Group By the new ID and get my LA0123, which is correct. However, I am not able to find a solution how I can get the rest of the row data associated with LA0123. My goal was to mark the row with LA0123 somehow but the data that I need to proceed with is LA123 NEW. The Group By node does not let me set the new column, nor does it allow me to pull associated data in a way that I can use for further matching.

Hopefully I am making sense.

Looking forward to you smart people for answsers :slight_smile:

The idea would be to keep a RowID or artificial ID together with the New ID and then join back all lines that are associated with it.

We had a similar discussion involving duplicates where instead of removing them one could keep the latest one:

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Thank you!
I added Constant Value Column ‘Flag’ thus flaging the grouped by rows and then rejoined to the main table.
Thank you for the idea!