How to get the data from a temperature sensor in a table?


I want to make a time series analysis.
Just for an example, I want to measure the outdoor temperature. For this I will need a temperature sensor.
How can I get the data from the sensor in knime?
Is it possible to create a table from the data of the sensor?

Picking an appropriate outdoor temperature sensor that is capable of downloading its historical data is probably going to be outside of this forum’s zone of expertise.

However, the time series analysis is certainly right in KNIME’s wheelhouse once you have the downloaded data. Once you research and find a temperature sensor you are interested in, they will likely have a dummy data example of what the historical data download looks like. That info might be enough to allow someone to help on the KNIME side.


Here’s a snippet from a KNIME article which will take you to the full article about sensor data and KNIME, but as iCFO says, the ability to get the data is up the user’s equipment.

To recap, we collected our data using a sensor board by Arduino, set up a Snowflake database for data storage, and transferred the data from the sensor board to Snowflake via a REST service.


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