How to get the max and min data


How do I get the data group by Material code but with Max Cost per unit and corresponding Delivery QTY.

like: 90672021 remains only the max unit price 1.00 and min unit price 0.65 two rows. And I want to keep all columns.
If i use node “group by,” though I could get max/min unit price, but it won’t include corresponding columns. thanks.

Hello @NancyShen ,
You can try to use the group by in the way that you mention; and afterwards bring back the rest of the columns from initial data with an INNER JOINER by using the two columns as double matching criterion (Material Code // MAX-MIN value). Be aware of max/min duplicates.

If you can provide this sliced piece of data in excel or csv format -the one you are showing- as mock data, we may help you to to set up a conceptual workflow.



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