How to get the number of arrays results by row (Cell Splitter)


Is there any way I can get the number of arrays generated on each row by the Cell Splitter?

Here I can share you a picture with random data

NOTE: The first array is empty because I put the number six as the delimiter on the Cell Splitter

For example, the first and second row generated two arrays, the third, fourth and fifth generated three arrays. So I am trying to get something like this:

I don’t know if the “IF Switch” node would work? I’ve never used it before

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @NathanDrake,

I would suggest using an Unpivoting node with your array columns set as the value columns and the ID column set as the retained column. Then connect the output of the unpivoting node to a GroupBy node where you group on ID and count the ColumnValues field with the “Missing” check box deselected.

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Columnaggregator Node with Count “Non missing”. For column selection you could use wildcard/regex to only include “Arr” Columns. (Man I wish there was a Pirate Smiley)


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