How to get the output model of a decision tree learner

Hi Guys:
I want to be able to get the output of the tree model of a decision tree learner as input to my node. Is there a way to do this?


Hi Donna,

I would suggest having a look in the org.knime.base.node.mine.decisiontree2.predictor.DecTreePredictorNodeModel class that takes a PMML decision tree model and data as input. Here the constructor, the methods #configure and #execute are of special interest, since they handle the PMMLDecisionTreePortObject(Spec) generated by the Decision Tree Learner. By implementing your own class, you would need to have two PMML decision tree port input ports. For further reading on developing your own node, see the developer guide.

Regards, Thomas

Soory I misread this reply. Yeah you are right, all I need is the predictor tree model, but i do not know where i can get the source code of all those nodes. If you can let me know where i can download the source code of all existing nodes, it will be great help!



hi i found it. thanks!!