How to give a large amount of data to the request body in REST put and post nodes

We have a need to use REST nodes for populating into a database (triple store).

We want to put a large block of data (several million triples) as a block through the “body” of a PUT or POST request.

We have tried to do this by using a group by node to concatenate the rows of a single column table (the entry in each cell is a triple), and to put either by specifying the request body column or by converting to a flow variable and assign to a constant body.

In both cases it fails when we join a large number of rows together.

Is there a way to have the REST node take a table into the body as one call, without making separate calls for each row?



depending on the REST endpoint you’re using and what kind of format it expects you should be able to format your data in such a way that you can use a single request. If the endpoint for example supports JSON you could use the Table to JSON node to create a single JSON cell containing the whole content of the table.

Out of curiosity: is there any reason why you don’t use the new database integration (Node Repository -> DB)?