How to have multiple pages in report designer

Hi - can anyone point me at a means to have multiple pages in a report ?

My inputs are generated using the Image to Report and Data to Report nodes. I want to add one data set and one image to each page. Adding one of each using the Knime Report Designer User guide is simple but I can not see how to force page breaks to create the new pages.


Hi @mgirdwood -

Please have a look at our documentation - the advanced reporting example contains a section on pagination based on a dataset: KNIME Report Designer User Guide

Hi Scott, I did look at the guide however this seems to be based on splitting information from a single data source, what i am trying to do is add multiple separate Image to Report and Data to Report outputs from a workflow to create one report.

Perhaps this is not possible


Hi @mgirdwood,

If I’ve got it right, you want to put a table and an image in each page or at least put them together and then have a page break after each set. If that’s the case, then you can use a “Grid” item and put each set in a grid row and then for each row, go to properties > page break and set the “After” settings to “Always”.


Thanks Armin, Exactly what i was looking for.

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