How to Hide Existing Knime Nodes/ Creating our own Node


I want to hide all Knime Nodes under Knime node repository explorer. Just want to use Only Database Reader node alone in Knime. Currently I am using Knime 3.7.2. Is there any way to achieve this?

My requirements:

  1. Only show three nodes
  2. Node1: Simply read the data from my pre defined Database and write it into csv file.
  3. Node2.: Read simple CSV file from my predefined path and write it into another CSV file.
  4. Node3: Simple Csv writer node.



Hi there @yuviram,

welcome to KNIME Community!

To my knowledge there is no option to remove nodes from Node Repository. But you can remove Node Repository view :smiley:

To achieve what you want you can try 2 things and see which suits you more.

  • add Favorite Nodes view (go View --> Other --> Favorite Nodes) and in there add 3 nodes you will only use (drag&drop from Node Repository)
  • create a Component (in version 3.7.2 Component is called Wrapped Metanode) from each of those nodes and save it as a Template in your workspace - this may be easier cause then you will save db connection details and paths and you will not have to write them down each time

Why not update to newest version? KNIME version 4+ introduced some new features including new database extension which has graduated from the KNIME Labs and is ready for use in production and already above mentioned Components. You might find it easier one day to update/migrate/use more nodes if you start now on version 4 :wink:



Thanks alot for your reply. Let me check the option that you provided

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