How To Highlight Specific Text Within A Cell Based On Other Text?

For example, I have a range of text strings, and now, I want to highlight the specific text “Sky” in these cells to get the result as following screenshot shown:

please find attached my Example.

I want to highlight my Cell Contents like the example and then add it to my report Node

There is node able to do that?.


Hi Mokrani,

To get partly highlighted string cells in your BIRT report you can try using HTML with inline CSS:

1. Use a String Manipulation node to find the relevant keywords and then wrap them in HTML with inline CSS. To do that you can use the following function: regexReplace($column1$, "(highlightWord1|highlightWord2|highlightWord3)", "<span style=\"color: #ff0000\">$1</span>"). The first argument is the column you want to work with. The second argument is an enumeration of words to be highlighted. The third argument wraps HTML and CSS around the word found by the regular expression ($1 is a generic way to express the positive matched string).

2. Within BIRT the only thing you have to do is bind the data to a Dynamic Text Item.

This should do the trick for you.


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Hi Marten,

Thank you for your help.

Can use this Concept of DOM in the Dynamic Text (javascript).? if yes how because I tried with normal expression of document object model but it doesn't work I got this error. ReferenceError: "document" is not defined. that's mean the dynamic text-based on javascript don't have DOM.

Do you have any idea about that.? Thanks