How to identify number of words between 2 words

I have two dictionaries and i want to identify how closely they are mentioned in a sentence

this is what i have done so far: 

1. converted abstracts to sentences

2. using dictionary tagger, i have tagged my keywords (two time NE- money and time)

3. extracted the tagged entities seperately and then joined together where both keword are mentioned 

4. How to closely they are mentioned in a sentence?????



Hi San,

there is no dedicated node that extracts how close two terms are mentioned in a sentence. One workaround to do this (if you don't want to implement your own node) is to extract the sentences containing both terms as strings. Cut off the substring before the first term and the substring after the last term and count the number of whitespaces in between.

Cheers, Kilian

Thanks Kilian

Never thought that way, it was easy ... i uses string manipulation node