How to import a operational database

Hello, I want to import in KNIME an operational database Northwind “instnwnd.sql” for create a data warehouse via ETL process. But I can’t find the node for this pourpuse.

Hi @criventi and welcome to the forum.

What specific type of database are you trying to access? Usually that dictates how your workflow will begin, maybe in your case a MySQL Connector or a Microsoft SQL Server Connector.

Please check out our documentation on the database extension for more details and examples: KNIME Database Extension Guide

In the meantime, if you can provide more details about your use case, someone can provide better help.

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Yes, I think have to use Microsoft SQL server Connector but I don’t know how to use it. I don’t know what I put in the node’s configuration (hostname e database name)

Do you actually want this (sample) database or do you want to know how to use such setup files for databases in general?

I want this database

You might want to check the link and also this sample where this database is being mapped to a H2 database:

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