How to import an image to Knime report ?

Hi everybody,

I'm a new user with Knime, don't be too hard with me :).

I have this Workflow :

All nodes work well and i obtain a graph in "Image to Report". Then, i create a report with Knime and I use the data of my "Image to Report as above : 

When i launch this report, i have this and no my image :

I Have an other question, Is it possible to import an image (any image) from my desktop ?

Could you help me ?

Thank you for your answers.


First, go to the Report item and drag an "image item" on your pannel project instead of directly drag data set from the data set view. Then select in the new Edit Image Item that follows "Dynamic image". Then select your image item. That's all.

Thank you for answer, I followed your instruction as below :

Table Creator

But I obtained this :

Table Creator


Coud you help me :) ?

Try : report as HTML. Check if your image is of type png.

My image is indeed a PNG and comes from an R plot as below :

Well in that case, I don't know, perhaps you could send me your workflow ?

You can find my workflow attached.

Thank you for your help.


well, well, well, In attachment :

illus1.png : the proof that it works

illus2.png : why it did not worked (select the good option for export image as I told you previously)

spc_sim.knwf : the workflow that works.

Best regards


Thank you very much for your help !!