How to improve the performance of Joiner node

joiner is very slow - 3lacs from 1st and 4k from 2nd table -taking too much time to join, any solution on this ??

how can I run joiner faster in such a case ?

Hi @navinjadhav

@izaychik63 already asked for more information on this topic (closed by @Iris) . Without any background, workflow, data, the only thing I can come up with is to buy a bigger computer :grinning:. Sorry I can’t help you.


could you please clarify what

3lacs from 1st and 4k from 2nd table means?

I’m lost here.

Furthermore, would you please elaborate what you mean by

joiner very slow

Very slow compared to what?

Here am joining two table…
1st table holds 3 lacs row
and 2nd row hold 3k rows

i am doing left outer join

as given scfrreenshot

joiner taking too much time to complete join.

speed of joiner executing is very slow…

I don’t know what lacs is. Is that some kind of unit?

300000 rows from 1st table
4000 rows from 2nd table
to join.

left join

Slow compared to???

Does the joiner get stuck from time to time during its execution? What’s the time needed to execute the joiner?

have you checked that the customerid is unique for the right (bottom) input table?
Slowing down of the joiner normally rising up if a n:m relation is given or the key columns are empty.


taking more that 40min , Compared to other nodes , my assumption is for 300000 rows joiner should not take 40min…
its not stuck but node execution is slow.

What’s the size of the Joiner’s output table? Number of rows?

Because you using filter on both sides before join using of

may help.


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